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Get Bent is more than a dance school.  We develop confident and healthy women in mind, body and spirit.  Our mission is to overcome unhealthy body standards, the negative perceptions of belly dancing, and the sexual objectification of women.  We teach girls to love and respect their bodies and we promote belly dancing as a respected & respectful art form.  Get Bent's dance shows and costumes are always family-friendly & age appropriate.

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If you love sparkly costumes and dancing then Get Bent is for you.  Our nurturing non-competitive dance classes are open to all ages, sizes & abilities.  We have classes for everyone whether you want to dance recreationally or become a professional performer.  The focus of our program is to build confidence, friendships, excellent dance skills, and to serve our community.

Get Bent is the largest belly dance school in Canada and our performance dancers do over 100 shows per year.  The Get Bent Performance Program systematically trains children to adults to become professional belly dancers.   Many of the teachers and performers at Get Bent started training with us when they were children.   Experienced dancers in the Get Bent Professional Program teach and perform locally and internationally.  Please see our Events Page for upcoming shows and workshops.

Performance Program: registration every August 250 462 1025
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Belly Dancing Worldwide

Today, millions of people practice belly dancing.  The term belly dancing refers to many different styles throughout the world including classical styles like Raqs Sharqi in Egypt, Tsifteteli in Greece, and Rakkase in Turkey.  It also includes many North American styles like American Cabaret, Tribal Fusion and Bollywood Bellydancing.

The Get Bent Bellydancers have studied and performed with many excellent dance teachers from Canada, Egypt, India and America.  We specialize in teaching six different styles of belly dancing at Get Bent.  Our goal isn’t to imitate or appropriate traditional cultural dances.  Our goal is to showcase how belly dancing has evolved into an international dance style.   Our mission is to bring people together to build cultural understanding, respect, and supportive friendships.  Each year, numerous belly dancers attend Get Bent’s annual belly dancing conference called: BC BellyFest.

Get Bent was named Best International Dance School by Luxury Travel Magazine

Learn six styles of belly dancing at Get Bent


Graceful, emotional & dramatic

Egyptian belly dancing is called Raqs Sharqi meaning "Oriental Dance".  Raqs Sarqi is the style most people think of as Classical Belly Dancing.  However, Raqs Sharqi is a modern style that was created in the 1900’s by Badia Masabni.  Prior to Badia, dancers traditionally danced on the spot, improvised, and had a limited arm movements.  Badia’s goal was to create a new theatrical-style that could be performed on stage by large groups and appeal to Western audiences.  She was inspired by the European Cabarets and she hired European choreographers to help her fuse elements from Ballet, Ballroom and Jazz with Gypsy and Egyptian folk dancing.  Badia’s new fusion style incorporated group choreography, turns, travelling steps, snake arms, shimmies, undulations (camals), and veil work.  Her fusion approach created a world of possibilities that are still being explored today.  Belly dancing continues to evolve and it is as multi-faceted as the world community that helped shape it.  Badia achieved her goal and  millions of people now practice belly dancing.  Two of Badia's students became international stars: Samia Gamal and Tahiya Carioca.

Sources: | DaturaOnline | GildedSerpent


A multicultural dance party

Get Bent honours the ancient roots of belly dancing and brings it full circle with our modern style called Bollywood Bellydancing.  This uplifting style combines belly dancing with Indian dance techniques from Kathak, Bhangra and Bharatanatyam - performed to hit Bollywood music.

Although belly dancing evolved in the Middle East, it also has roots in North India.  This is well documented in “The Romany Trail” and “Latcho Drom”.   Starting in the 5th century, people from North India began migrating to the Middle East and Europe.  As they travelled, they danced in the streets to make money.  Spectators tipped them with coins and they sewed coins onto their outfits.  This evolved into the modern belly dancing coin-belt. These people became known as “Gypsies” - short for Egyptian - because the locals thought they were from Egypt.  However, Gypsies throughout the world can all trace their DNA and language back to North India.  Regional names for the Gypsies are: GhawaziNawarDom and Romani.  As the Gypsies reached Spain, another dance style evolved called Flamenco.  Artistic Director, Wendy Goudie created two styles to highlight these connections: Get Bent Bollywood Bellydancing and Spanish Fusion.


Elegant, passionate & sophisticated

Belly Dancing and Flamenco can both trace their roots along the Gypsy trail to North India (source). Get Bent Spanish Fusion combines the softness of belly dancing with the power of Flamenco.  This creates a beautiful yin-yang flow of energy and movement. This challenging style requires dancers to showcase the emotional interplay between these two opposing styles and energies.  The Get Bent Dancers performs Spanish Fusion to live Spanish guitar as is done with Flamenco.   Currently, we are touring with the talented Spanish guitarist William Leggott.


Social, cheerful & immensely popular

Tsifteteli is the Greek name for belly dancing and comes from the Turkish word meaning "double stringed” refering to the violin music practiced with this dance. Many archaeologists believe a form of belly dancing existed in ancient Greece; however, Tsifteteli developed as a modern style over the last 80 years. Today, Greeks belly dance everywhere including at restaurants, parties, and weddings.  Tipping the dancers is common in Greece and it's part of the entertainment.  Also, Greeks are known for dancing on tables and breaking plates at their celebrations. These traditions sound wild but they are in good fun.  The Get Bent Bellydancers perform Greek Belly Dancing throughout the year at events including Jimmy’s Greek Night in Creston: PLAY VIDEO  


Urban, aggressive & empowering

Get Bent Street Style brings belly dancing back to the streets!   This isn’t the belly dancing your mom used to do.  Get Bent Street Style is aggressive, hard-hitting, and all about girl power.  This style integrates belly dancing with hip-hop dance techniques like popping and locking.  We even throw in some Martial Arts.

This style is performed to modern electronic remixes that combine Rock with Trap, Dubstep and House.   Our costumes are inspired by superheroes and video game characters.  A new style of street belly dancing has also erupted in Egypt called "Street Shabbi & Electro Shabby" (Mahraganat Shaabi).   Although our styles share influences, they are distinctly different. 


Snakey, mesmerizing & sometimes cheeky

Tribal Fusion is a modern Western style that was created by fusing American Tribal Style, American Cabaret, and elements from hip hop, Flamenco, Kathak, Odissi, and other folkloric and classical dances.  This highly technical style requires extreme body isolations and control.  Tribal Fusion is a very popular style that continues to evolve.

Tribal Fusion is a branch of American Tribal Style Belly Dance which began in the early 90’s by Carolena Nericcio, the director of “Fat Chance Belly Dance” in San Francisco.
Rachel Brice
 sparked global interest in Tribal Fusion belly dancing when she toured with the Bellydance Superstars from 2002-2007.   Other notable stars include Mardi Love, Zoe Jakes, Sharon Kihara and Bindu Bolar.


Our biggest goal at Get Bent is to have fun.  Every season, we let loose with fun routines for pure entertainment.  We also produce belly dance music videos that feature cool new music and remixes.

All About the Bass - Wendy Goudie

Surprise Improv - Get Bent Juniors

Housefull - Get Bent Ladies 

Stranger Things - Dance Battle

The Dancing Dads - Tribute to their Daughters

Street Style - Get Bent Juniors 

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